Offices: 305 – 307, 86 Bogenbai Batyr Street, Almaty city 050010, Kazakhstan


The Kazakhstan Trademark Law makes provision for formal and full examination of a TM Application.

The multi-class Applications are accepted.

The Nice Classification of goods and services is used in Kazakhstan.

The formal examination is to be carried out within one month. The full examination related to the registrability and novelty of the Trademark is carried out within nine months counting from filing date. 

As a rule a Registration is recorded in the State Register within 2 - 3 months after the granting fee is paid. The Trademark Registrations are valid 10 years counting from filing date. Further renewals are provided for.
No granting the Registration Certificates is provided for the Trademarks that are applied for registration after April 20, 2015. The TM Registrations are published in the Official Bulletin “Industrial Property of the Republic of Kazakhstan” and the official extracts are granted.

USE REQUIREMENT. No information related to the use is required at the steps of filing and registration Trademark. A TM Registration becomes vulnerable for cancellation due to non-use where the trademark has not been used within three years following the date of registration thereof or within three years preceding the date of lodging the related appeal.